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Starting at 1 piece

Welcome to Factory 1, your premier destination for custom-made t-shirts online. Whether you're gearing up for a corporate event, celebrating seasonal festivals, or hosting social gatherings, we've got you covered with custom t-shirts online that make a statement. Explore the world of unlimited design options, and high-quality materials tailored to suit your unique style.

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Eco-Friendly Practices

Factory 1 is committed to sustainability. Our clean production process ensures that your custom-made t-shirts are crafted using methods that reduce water and energy consumption while minimizing waste generation. Discover our eco-friendly options and contribute to a greener planet.

We go beyond creation by providing valuable insights into care and maintenance. Our expert tips will help you extend the life of your custom t-shirts, reducing their environmental impact even further.

Unlimited Design Options

The heart of our service lies in the ability to customize online. With Factory 1, users can design their custom t-shirts online with complete freedom and control. Our user-friendly design tools in the Designer Studio make the process simple and intuitive.

Enhance your designs by uploading your own files, adding a personal touch that goes beyond standard customization. Choose from our extensive collection of predesigned elements, ensuring your custom t-shirts online are a true reflection of your style. Select sizes, colors, and quantities with ease and track your order in real-time for total confidence and control.

High-Quality Custom-Made T-shirts Online

Quality is paramount at Factory 1. Our custom-made t-shirts online boast high-quality materials, including organic cotton, premium cotton-polyester blends, and sustainable fabrics. Explore the advantages of each material, from comfort and durability to sustainability, ensuring your wardrobe aligns with your values.

Printing technology is a crucial aspect of our process. Choose from Direct-to-Garment (DTG), screen print, and embroidery options, each with its unique appeal. Minimum orders for screen print start at 24 pieces, while embroidery requires a minimum of 12, allowing you to create a cohesive look for any occasion.

Emphasizing durability and resistance, our custom t-shirts online are built to withstand wear, fading, and repeated washes. Experience unmatched comfort with soft fabrics, breathability, and a fit that adapts to your body, ensuring you not only look good but feel good too.

Rest assured, our custom t-shirts are allergen-free and labeled for your comfort. Choose between sewn or printed labels, providing an extra layer of customization and attention to detail for your custom t-shirts online.