5 Things To Consider When Buying Wholesale Customized T Shirts
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5 Things To Consider When Buying Wholesale Customized T Shirts

Feb 27, 2023

Investing in wholesale customized t shirts is one of the best choices you can make when you aim to have work uniforms or uniforms for some kind of event.

However, when ordering these shirts, certain doubts exist about the most important aspects when deciding where to place the order.

For this very reason, it is necessary to know what are these five aspects to consider when buying wholesale customized t shirts. 

Quality of the T-Shirts

Before buying wholesale customized t shirts, you should consider the quality of these shirts; the most important thing here is that the shirts are made of some material that is durable enough to be used for a long time. The most recommended materials for these custom t-shirts are cotton or polyester, which are usually very stretchy and comfortable.

It is also crucial to know the type of stitching that is handled when ordering the t-shirts, as these are actually the ones responsible for the t-shirts not breaking during use or when they have to be washed.

Although the material the t-shirts are made of and the stitching they have are fundamental, when you want to buy wholesale customized t shirts, you should consider the printing quality.

There are different types of printing, and each of these will depend on what is needed. However, the most commonly used is screen printing because this type of printing works like an iron-on that allows the print to soak into the fabric. Even if there are too many t-shirts, the machine in charge of doing this type of printing does not overheat, which means that it will not modify or alter the original design on the remaining t-shirts. 


In terms of cost, one of the benefits of buying wholesale customized t shirts is that they usually always offer some kind of discount, even if the t-shirts have different sizes or vary in colors. This makes it possible to get a package of t-shirts for the entire work team at an affordable price.

However, before buying wholesale customized t shirts, it is important to know if they have any shipping service, and if so, decide if it is more convenient to pick them up or request such service. This is mainly because some suppliers may offer free shipping regardless of the number of t-shirts, while with others if you order a smaller quantity than they say, they will most likely charge shipping.

This means that in the end, you will have to decide and compare where it is more convenient to buy the wholesale customized t shirts because not all offer the same type of printing, and not all have a shipping service.

Customization Options

Another aspect to consider when purchasing wholesale customized t-shirts is to know if the supplier has a wide variety of colors and designs. 

Although the most common design when customizing a t-shirt is the short sleeve t-shirts with a round neck, in some others, you can find polo shirts, V-necks, long sleeves, and even other accessories such as sweatshirts.

Even the most minor details, such as whether the supplier can customize the labeling on the shirt or place all kinds of prints on the shirt, are essential when you want to purchase wholesale customized t-shirts.

Reputation and Reliability of the Supplier

Although we have already seen some aspects when ordering wholesale customized t shirts, the critical point that will make this decision is to choose the supplier that best suits the needs.

The first thing to do is to find out the supplier’s track record, that is, if he has the necessary experience to meet the demand. This is very easy to do. A very effective way to find out is to enter their social networks and observe the comments they commonly receive, including the rating the public gives them.

In this way, if you want to know how professional the supplier is, it is as simple as entering its website and seeing if it has already made models. If they do not have them, it may reflect distrust since you will not know how the T-shirts will turn out until they are finished. 

To finish with this part of selecting a supplier, paying attention to their customer service is important. That is, if they answer emails, messages, or calls quickly, and the type of answers received.

Timing and Delivery

Something to keep in mind is to know the response time they have, both to customize the t-shirts and for the shipment of the same. Sometimes, the delivery time for custom t-shirts can take weeks or months.

Depending a lot on the urgency of the custom t-shirts will vary the type of supplier suitable to the urgency needs; however, if you come across a supplier that has a short delivery period, you should not overlook the above aspects because maybe the t-shirts will be delivered in a week, but this will not ensure that they have good quality.

Precisely for this reason, at Factory1, we help our customers to customize their t-shirts with the help of our printing equipment. Any design you have in mind can be captured with the quality and guarantee that only we can offer you. Therefore, if you want a supplier with these five aspects, do not hesitate to order your custom t-shirts online.

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