Customized Promotional Shirts for Your Business
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Customized Promotional Shirts for Your Business

Mar 20, 2023

How to Create Customized Promotional Shirts for Your Business

Promotional shirts are currently an important part of strategies to promote new products, services, or any other type of campaign.

An effective way to make promotional shirts is through personalized t-shirts. Personalized t-shirts have been in great demand by different businesses since, in this way, their promotional shirts can be manufactured with the expected quality faster.

In this article, you will learn how to make the most of promotional shirts and other factors necessary for their manufacture.

Step 1: Define your objectives and target audience

Before planning to manufacture promotional shirts, it is very important to establish the objectives and goals of the campaign.

Whether you will promote a new product or service, it is important to define the objectives and goals to be achieved to know if the campaign was a success.

To define the objectives correctly, they must be done with the SMART methodology, which indicates that they must be: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and on time.

Subsequently, you must define who is the target audience or who are your real consumers. Market research and segmentation are very important because, thanks to them, companies know who their customers are.

If this is done correctly, you will have a clearer picture of the possible design that will end up in the promotional shirts.

The final part will be to develop strategies that align with the target and the public. These strategies should define the channels and how the T-shirts will be promoted.

Step 2: Choose the right shirt style and fabric

Once the goals and objectives have been defined, it is time to select some factors that will make the promotional shirts achieve the expected success.

The first thing to do is to choose the material with which the promotional shirts will be made. The materials par excellence when you want to customize T-shirts and any other type of apparel are those made of 100% cotton or 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

The main reason is that these materials are very comfortable and adjust to any type of body, benefiting those who purchase such t-shirts.

These materials are economical and do not generate any allergy or skin irritation. In addition, their texture is suitable for both winter and summer days.

Choosing between the different types of fabrics has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, there is the advantage that a customized fabric will give a unique touch to promotional t-shirts.

However, in doing so, it is often forgotten that the T-shirt has to be comfortable for the wearer. This is why sometimes we end up opting for a T-shirt that is visually aesthetic but uncomfortable for the wearer.

Step 3: Designing your custom shirts

To design the T-shirt effectively, following the tips below is important to make your design as optimal as possible:

  • Colors: Choosing the colors for promotional shirts may seem simple; however, it is in this section where companies tend to make the most mistakes.

    The first thing recommended is that the colors of the T-shirt are related to the company’s or the campaign’s colors to be promoted. This is to have a better relationship between the T-shirt and the company.

    It is also advisable not to choose colors that are difficult to find since they may affect the price of manufacturing them. Another important point is not to saturate the T-shirt with colors or use bright colors that may disturb the eyesight of those who buy them.

  • Font size and type: If the promotional t-shirt must have text, choosing the right font and size is important not to be saturated.

    To do so, choosing the same font the company usually uses when promoting a product is best. This is so that customers can immediately relate the T-shirt to the company.

    Other measures should also be taken, such as the size of the lettering and where it is more convenient to place it: in the central part, on the side, on the back, etc.

The T-shirt should speak for itself, so it is necessary to know how to write the text to make it easy for consumers to understand the message you want to convey with these promotional shirts.

Filling the T-shirt with too much text and colors will make consumers reject the promotional shirts.

Step 4: Printing options for custom shirts

One of the best techniques to print the design on promotional shirts is  screen printing, as this is a less expensive method and has better durability as the ink can adhere to the t-shirt.

However, other printing methods may be better suited for promotional shirts.

For example, the embroidery style, as its name says, is a method that involves embroidering on the t-shirt; this method is usually more expensive due to the time and more materials needed to customize the promotional shirts properly.

In Factory 1, we have innovative techniques for printing promotional shirts. Our methods have allowed our customers to enjoy a t-shirt with the quality and durability they deserve.

Step 5: Promoting your custom shirts

The final part is how the promotional shirts are promoted. To achieve this, you must establish strategies to make these shirts reach the expected audience.

Social networks, along with other digital channels, are a fast and effective way to show your consumers these promotional shirts because they have the advantage that the more interactions customers have with your publications can reach more people.

Regardless of the selected channel, writing correctly and using the proper elements to attract the desired consumer is essential.

FACTORY1 your best choice for custom t-shirts

Promotional shirts are an effective way to generate sales in exchange for offering a functional t-shirt with the necessary quality to be used for a long time.

For companies, this is very useful since making these custom t-shirts is much more affordable than making them from scratch by themselves.

If your business needs these promotional t-shirts or if you need to do something special, you can have your t-shirts printed with us. At Factory1, we offer each of our customers the guarantee and security that their t-shirts will have the design and quality expected.

Print your t-shirts with us thanks to our custom t-shirts online service.

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