The Ultimate Guide on How to Wash T-Shirts
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The Ultimate Guide on How to Wash T-Shirts

May 2, 2023

The Ultimate Guide on How to Wash T-Shirts and Keep Them Looking New

Washing t-shirts is an important activity to keep our garments clean and in good condition; however, with each wash, you can see how the clothes lose their color and partly their quality.

Knowing how to wash t-shirts allows their durability and quality to be preserved even after several washes, giving them the appearance of new t-shirts even when worn for a long time.

T-shirts have the facility to be washed frequently; however, it is important to take care of how often this washing is done because if it is done daily, it can have complications in its quality.

Sorting T-Shirts for Laundry

The first step in knowing how to wash t-shirts is to separate the t-shirts by color since combining them can cause stains or color fading.

For example, white t-shirts, if combined with colored t-shirts or black t-shirts, may stain or fade from a clean white to a gray or darker color.

Likewise, T-shirts should be separated, preferably by type of fabric, so that during the washing process, they do not have any consequences, such as starting to unravel or breaking directly.


Part of knowing how to wash t-shirts has to do with the previous preparation. This prior preparation is done so that some stains or bad smells can be removed entirely because the washing process is insufficient.

There is a whole classification of stains that are difficult to remove from clothes; therefore, it will be necessary to eliminate them before they remain impregnated in the clothes.

To find out how to wash t-shirts and remove bad odors and stains, a section on the t-shirt indicates what kind of chemical products can be used (chlorine, active oxygen, etc.).

If you can, you have to remove them manually, and after the stains and bad odors have disappeared, you can complete your washing process by machine or by hand (depending on the type of washing you need).

Washing T-Shirts

As with the previous point, to know how to wash t-shirts, it is necessary to read the label on the t-shirts. Most of these will indicate that they should be machine washed exclusively; however, in some other t-shirts, you may have the option to do it manually.

If you machine wash them, it should be with cold water using the appropriate soap and fabric softener. Once the washing and wringing cycle is complete, the T-shirts should be hung in the sun to dry completely. 

It is important not to leave the t-shirts in the sun for too long, as this may cause the fabric and color to deteriorate.

To know how to wash t-shirts by hand, you should rub on the stains and where the bad smell is located without using too much force or stretching the t-shirt too much to avoid tearing it.

Both in the washing machine and by hand, you will have to use the right detergent for each type of t-shirt (either by color or by type of fabric) to avoid affecting its quality. For example, if a detergent for white T-shirts is used on colored T-shirts, they will likely lose their color and shine.

Drying T-Shirts

Learning how to dry clothes is also part of knowing how to wash t-shirts. The most common method to dry these shirts is air drying.

When the washing machine has finished its cycle or when the shirt has appropriately been hand washed, simply wring out these t-shirts as best as possible and hang them out to dry so that the air and sun dry the t-shirts completely (it is important not to forget that they should not spend too much time in the sun).

Also, the T-shirts should be hung in the air when using a drying machine to finish the drying process. Although the drying machines are very effective in preventing the T-shirts from getting wet, it is true that they still have some humidity.

For this reason, they will also have to be taken out in the sun, on average, for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

The T-shirts are likely to shrink when they are in the drying machine. The recommended time to keep these shirts from shrinking is 15 to 20 minutes.

Ironing and Steaming

Not all T-shirts can be ironed directly with heat; for example, with cotton T-shirts, it is necessary to use a steamer or put the iron in the steam mode because if heat is applied directly, it can burn, or stains can appear.

To find out what type of ironing you need, read the label on the T-shirt to choose the correct method.

Once the shirts have been ironed, you can fold them so they do not wrinkle or use a hook and hang them in the closet. Either method saves time by not having to re-iron the shirts to remove wrinkles.

Storing T-Shirts

Before choosing between folding or hanging the shirts, you must have a suitable space and furniture to store them without fearing any mishap.

For example, whether you choose a closet or a clothes drawer, it should be as far away from the sun’s rays as possible since exposure to the light for too long causes them to become opaque and lose their texture and intensity.

Special Care for T-Shirts with Print Designs

Plain t-shirts have a more straightforward washing process than printed t-shirts. Some tips that can help you to know how to wash t-shirts are the following:


  • Wash t-shirts inside out so that the print does not wear off.
  • Use liquid detergent or mild detergent.
  • Avoid dry cleaning.


Another important factor when washing these T-shirts is that sometimes, even following these recommendations, they can lose their print.

To avoid these incidents in Factory 1, we make these prints with quality and efficiency, so much so that you can enjoy a print and quality in the t-shirt for a long time, even after several washes.

Tips for Keeping T-Shirts Looking New

Once you know how to wash t-shirts, the storage process, and when it is necessary to iron the shirts, it is simply a matter of following all these tips correctly so that the t-shirts have good quality and appearance.

Although also, so that the t-shirt does not lose its texture or intensity, it is necessary to have a t-shirt that has the right quality to withstand this washing process, t-shirts that you can easily buy in Factory 1

Print your own t-shirts with the colors and designs of your preference; we guarantee that this print will accompany you at all times, even after several washes.

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