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At Factory 1, we understand that every man has his own style and seeks to stand out in his attire. That's why we offer custom-designed t-shirts for those who want to express their individuality through unique and personalized garments. Discover how you can personalize your style and wear t-shirts that reflect your personality.

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We pride ourselves on having a selection of high-quality t-shirts that combine style and comfort. we choose top quality blanks to ensure a great feeling when wearing custom men's shirts. Our focus on material quality and meticulous craftsmanship ensure that you'll get a durable and comfortable shirt to see you through your daily activities.

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We are strategically located around the border between the state of California (US) and the state of Baja California (Mexico).

We have several venues scattered around the region among offices, operation, production, and storage units.

Yes! (extra shipping cost will likely apply).

You can save your designs and use them for different products (and colors) that you can keep adding to your shopping cart to place only one order. Now, if it helps you in any way, feel free to place different orders for different products or designs (and preferentially let us know about it).

The price begins to decrease from 12 pieces onwards.

The privacy of your purchase is completely backed by (our merchant engine).