Custom Birthday Shirts

Keen on making the next birthday celebration special and memorable? Custom birthday shirts can be a great way to achieve this! Regardless of the type of birthday you want, you can get custom birthday shirts for everyone as surprise personalized gifts or thoughtful gifts for attendees. The shirts can also be part of the theme. 

Our Custom Party Shirt Offering

Personalized Birthday Shirts for Adults

Get rid of the typical adult birthday vibe. Make a statement with personalized birthday shirts for your adult attendees. Our custom t-shirt printing service makes it possible to add just about anything from names to age to funny sayings, inside jokes, you name it!

Custom Sweet 16 Shirts

16 is a special age! How about hosting a sweet 16 birthday party that will never be forgotten? Have sweet 16 t-shirts perfect for the birthday queen and her entire birthday crew. Design dazzling tees with inside jokes, silly messages, nicknames, and more to commemorate an important milestone.

First Birthday T-shirts

Is your little one turning 1? Design the perfect 1st birthday t-shirt with Factory 1 Direct. Dress your little legend with a small tee that features adorable designs and offers the perfect unforgettable photoshoot moment. Explore our countless designs and materials that are ideal for your baby's soft skin.

4th and Up Birthday T-shirt

Has your little one turned 4? How about commemorating the milestone age with special t-shirts? Get 4th birthday tee shirts for girls or boys in a variety of colors and styles. This also acts as a perfect child's 4th birthday present. You can even use it for any age you’d like! With Factory 1 Direct, there is no limit to your celebrations. Let’s create a memorable birthday party for all ages!

Customizing your birthday shirts has never been easier!

At Factory 1 Direct, you can get print-on-demand custom birthday shirts fit for a birthday girl party, birthday boy party, first birthday party, 70th birthday party, 50th birthday party, 40th birthday party, or any other kind of birthday party.

Design t-shirts from scratch choosing different types (short-sleeve t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts), and a wide range of styles from DTG to embroidery and screen print. You can design your own custom birthday t-shirts, upload your designs or upload custom photos!

What’s more, customize birthday shirts in a variety of colors and sizes on high-quality shirts from renowned brands ranging from Gildan to American Apparel, Fruit of the Loom, and many others.

Start designing custom birthday shirts in minutes. Design as little as one happy birthday shirt with DTG printing. You can also create a bestselling group birthday shirt for reselling. Click here to get started!

Do you need more ideas or help designing the above or any other type of birthday party t-shirts with Factory 1 Direct? If so, we have a dedicated customer support team waiting to help you customize the perfect birthday tees.

CALL US (619)-207-4530 or Alternatively, you can fill out our CONTACT FORM ONLINE.

The Factory 1 Direct Advantage

Why choose us for all your custom birthday shirt needs?

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  • Print as little as 1 t-shirt with the DTG printing option
  • We offer FREE expert help. Don’t worry if you get stuck in the custom t-shirt design process. Our customer service team will help you create the perfect design for custom birthday party t-shirts.