These are our most frequently asked questions. Okey, some of them are not so much frequently asked as they are interestingly asked, or refreshingly asked, or amusingly asked, or bafflingly asked... you get the point. We hope to solve all of your questions.


  • Where are you located?
We are strategically located around the border between the state of California (US) and the state of Baja California (Mexico).
  • Is your factory just in one location?
We have several venues scattered around the region among offices, operation, production, and storage units.


Placing my Order

  • Do I have to order multiple times if I have more than one design?
You can save your designs and use them for different products (and colors) that you can keep adding to your shopping cart to place only one order. Now, if it helps you in any way, feel free to place different orders for different products or designs (and preferentially let us know about it).
  • Can I order just one or two shirts?
Yes! We will use a DTG process, though. Actually, 24 is the minimum (per design) that we could screen-print: any order below 24 (again, per design) we would exclusively print directly to the garment (DTG).
  • How many pieces do I have to order to make the price go lower?
Starting from two pieces, the price automatically drops.
  • Can I sent my own garment to be printed/processed by you?
Unfortunately, no. No can do!
  • Do you work with other blank apparel brands, other than the ones shown in the store?
During all these years, we have worked with virtually all the suppliers out there. So far we have only advertised to the ones you see on this site since we are just beginning this e-commerce adventure. But please stay tuned, we too are looking forward to offer all the best options on the market. Now, If you have one on mind, do not hesitate about asking us: we can probably get you a price quote.  
  • How do I order the same design in different colors?
Save your design and then select product to choose a different color from our catalog.
  • What If I want a color I don’t see?
Tell us about it. We will see what we can do.
  • What intellectual property protection do you offer?
We extremely value your intellectual property and recognize it as entirely yours throughout any acquisition of any of our services. All the standard legal measures are put in place. You can also visit all our legal information listed below this page.
  • What is Screen-printing?
Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. It is also known as serigraphy, and serigraph printing.
  • What is DTG printing?
In DTG digital printing a special kind of printer is used to apply water-based ink directly to the fabric of your product using inkjet technology. The fibers of the garment absorb this water-based ink to create your custom design or logo.
  • What is embroidery?
Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn.
  • What are other printing techniques?
Some of the other ones with which we have worked are: foil printing, glitter printing, glow in the dark printing... and a whole other array of services you learn more about by checking our What We Do section.


    Paying for my Order

    • Can I get a discount?
    You already got it. The more you order the less you pay.
    • Is it safe?
    The privacy of your purchase is completely backed by Authorize.net (our merchant engine).
    • Are there other payment options, other than credit card or paypal?
    Not featured on our online store. If you have something in mind, shoot us an e-mail.
    • What do I have to do after I’ve done my payment?
    Make sure you get your notification of payment. We will contact you if we have questions and/or once we are ready to ship your order.
    • How soon after I pay do I get my notification/mail?
    Shouldn't take longer than a few minutes.
    • Is there any extra cost/additional fee?
    No, not on any services we normally offer (shipping outside the US is, for example, an additional service that would generate extra fees).
    • Can I use different payment methods, or different credit cards for the same order?
    Not for now, but let us know about your specific case.
    • Can I pay with a debit card?
    Absolutely yes.
    • Can I pay once I receive my order?
    Sorry, no. Nice try though!
    • I received a notification saying the payment did not go through, what do I do?
    Most likely you would have to check with your bank/banking service. We would still like to hear about it and see how we can help.


      Once my Order is Processed

      • How do I know my order is coming?
      We will keep you updated. Feel free to contact us too.
      • What if I want to do changes after I placed my order?
      We have an asap oriented way to work. The earlier you contact us the better chances we can do something regarding changes on you design/order.
      • I received a notification saying my order is paused, why?
      If we notice something is not quite right, we prefer to wait until we have checked with you first. So if you receive said notification is because you will hear from us soon.
      • Can I change the receiving address?
      Yes, let us know asap since it might be already on the way.
      • Can you partially send the same order to different locations?
      We can do it, just let us know asap or, even better, at the very moment of placing your order (at least a note, or a couple of lines via e-mail). Otherwise, we will ship it to the address specified on your order.


        Once my Order is on the Way

        • What company do you use for delivery?
        USPS mostly but we can use another service if it shows as a better option.
        • How can I get my order sooner?
        We know, we know! Other similar services will ask you to pay a little extra to get your goods delivered 'sooner'. With us that is a given! We understand time is money. We've always been and always will be a time oriented company. We guarantee we want you to have your apparel as soon as possible, and we work efficiently in order for that to happen. So basically, what for other companies is a "rush order" or a "fast delivery service" for us is the norm.
        • My tracking number does not work, what do I do?
        Email us all of the details immediately. Please note that some orders using first class USPS, UPS and Fedex mail will not have tracking numbers.
        • Can I use my own delivery service/Can I pick up myself?
        It sounds like a good deal for us, doesn't it? Unfortunately, for logistics and safety reasons we can not do it. Most we can do is to arrange everything for you to pick your order at a or UPS, Fedex and USPS site.
        • What kind of packaging do you use?
        The classic, durable and trusty folding carton box.


          Yes! My Order has Arrived

          • What should I look for regarding the quality?
          It could sound like we are bragging but check out the printing excellence, the fidelity to your design and how vivid the colors look with our professional screen-printing. It's not a bad idea to inspect all the pieces making sure each one looks as good as the previous one. Since you are at it, confirm that the apparel itself does not have any defects.
          • What if no one was home?
          Normally our delivery services will keep the package and reprogram a delivery time. We advise you to get a hold of them to make sure they will not miss you again. And of course, don't hesitate about contacting us if you need our help.
          • Can someone else receive the package for me?
          Yes, someone else can sign for it.


            Oh-oh! Something is not Right

            • What if the product is damaged?
            If such a regrettable situation presents, contact us right away so we can solve it. We assure you we work with the highest quality standards and with true passion for our profession.There are so many different situations that can happen during the production, packaging and shipping processes that could potentially cause damage to the final product, unfortunately. While we closely inspect the whole process to avoid such situation, there is always a small possibility. Within our working ethics, we recognize the importance of owning up to one's mistakes, both to learn and to find a solution and a positive outcome.
            • I think I got the wrong/someone else's order?
            Contact us immediately, we will be more than willing to correct any mix-up on our end.
            • What if I just didn't like the final result?
            We are in constant improvement, so we definitely would like to hear about it. Not only because it would help us, but also because one of our main mottos is our client's satisfaction. And hey! If we can do something, we will. Undoubtedly.
            • How long will my refund take?
            Honestly, we very rarely see ourselves in the need to handle refunds (we guess we can be proud of it, perhaps). So in the given case, each situation would be treated uniquely, always with the best intentions and our client's interest in mind.


              Other Creative Questions

              • Can I collaborate with you?
              We are constantly looking for exciting new projects and to expand. So yes! Share any collaboration idea with us, we will consider it.
              • Can I tag you on social media?
              Yes! As a matter fact, please do! You can use #factory1direct in both Instagram or Facebook and we guarantee you will get our attention.
              • Will these t-shirts look good on me?
              We are sure they will.


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