Specialty Inks

In-Depth Look at Screen Printing Techniques and Innovative Ink Applications

We're dedicated to providing an exceptional range of premium inks, perfectly complementing our diverse apparel selection. Our top-tier plastisol, waterbase, discharge, and specialty inks guarantee flawless results for your designs. Whether you seek bold, vibrant colors or unique textures and effects, our collection has everything you need to bring your vision to life.


Discharge ink operates by introducing an activator that releases the fabric's dye. This discharging agent restores the fabric to its natural color, revealing its original undyed fibers in a bleaching process that leaves no tangible printed texture. Subsequently, pigments are infused into the ink to re-color the fabric, producing a durable, high-quality print with a soft, 'vintage' finish. This technique is particularly effective on dark-colored garments, ensuring vivid and long-lasting results.

Plastisol Inks

At the core of our printing process is the use of phthalate-free plastisol inks, prized for their intense opacity and substantial texture. This method is our preferred technique for screen printing, offering exceptional results across a wide range of fabrics and materials. With plastisol inks, you can achieve vibrant and long-lasting prints that feature a smooth, professional finish. They excel on dark-colored garments, where their ability to sit atop the fabric ensures bright, eye-catching designs. For printing lighter inks on darker fabrics, applying an under base is essential to achieve optimal color vibrancy.

Water base

Our premium waterbase ink represents a screen printing method that stands out for its unmatched vibrancy and soft touch. Unlike most inks that sit on the fabric's surface, our specially formulated water-based ink absorbs into the garment, integrating seamlessly with the fabric itself. This results in prints that feel as natural as the fabric they adorn. You'll enjoy vibrant colors and intricate detailing alongside an incredibly soft texture that must be felt to be believed. Opting for water-based prints on dark garments? No problem at all. For these, we enhance our ink with a discharging agent that selectively removes the garment's dye in the design areas, allowing us to replace it with your chosen ink color seamlessly.


This unique technique combines screen printing with heat-pressed foil to create a striking effect on your garment. The design is first printed with a base ink color that matches the Foil color which enhances the durability under the foil layer. While foil adds a brilliant metallic shimmer, it may require extra care to maintain its longevity. For best results, wash these garments inside out in cold water and air dry to preserve the foil's luster and ensure lasting brilliance.


Gel inks offer the ability to achieve designs that appear glossy and wet, providing a slight rubber-like texture for added visual and tactile interest.


Capture attention with this captivating specialty ink, infused with fine glitter particles that catch and reflect light, creating a dazzling shimmer effect on the printed surface. The texture is subtly rough to the touch, adding an intriguing tactile dimension to your prints. While perfect for making designs sparkle and stand out, it's important to note that this ink may not be suitable for intricate or highly detailed designs.

Glow in the Dark

During daylight, our ink presents a soft iridescent green hue. When night falls, it illuminates in a vivid neon green glow, perfect for low-light visibility. Our Glow in the Dark inks are water-based, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel. They're an ideal choice for designs meant to shine in dark or dimly lit environments. Remember, the glow's intensity and duration can vary based on factors such as ink application, garment color, and light exposure duration.

High Density

This Plastisol ink variant is designed for creating a thick, opaque layer that enhances your designs with a three-dimensional, raised image. Using specialty screens, it achieves superior sharp edge definition for striking visual impact.


Metallic inks are ideal for designs that prioritize durability and shine over intricate details. This versatile ink choice offers lasting brilliance and robustness, making it perfect for achieving eye-catching designs that demand both durability and a glossy finish.


This specialized additive transforms standard Plastisol inks by activating and expanding during the curing process, resulting in a dimensional and textured effect on your printed artwork. Puff ink enhances bold designs, making them stand out from the garment with a unique three-dimensional twist. It adds creativity and distinction to any project, bringing your designs to life with its heat-reactive foaming. Unlike high-density ink, puff ink features rounded edges that give your designs a distinct puffed effect. It performs exceptionally well on a variety of garments including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and woven cotton or cotton/polyester blends.


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