What We Do

& how we can do it for you!

Screen print, anyone? Our team truly believes a t-shirt can be the best canvas, and we demonstrate that with our passion and great expertise on screen-printing: the very core of what we do. Show your design everywhere you go, get your message across or promote your event, team or brand with various techniques and endless possibilities. 

Not everything is perfect, but the fabric of your apparel sure can be. Our fabric treatments are not only up to latest and trendiest techniques, but they are always evolving (Yep! We love experimenting in our lab). We can dye it, smooth it, texturize it, dip-dye it, color it, brush it, make it softer, firmer, crispier… you name it. We strongly believe prioritizing environment preservation should be the norm, that is why at the end of our processes we have installed our water treatment plant, solely created with the purpose of keeping it green. 

It is Time to Embellish! Why not take it to the next level and let your garment shine with all of its personality? You can trust our embellishments will manage the task, we got you covered with our range of sequin, Rhinestones, Rhine-studs, embossing, etc...

We have to give a special mention our superb embroidery services; using our high-end software, we process and embroider your design with outstanding fidelity from the threat color to the single, tiniest stitch. And guess what, they soon will be featured on our website for you to order. You can always get in contact with us if you have further inquiries.  

We mean it when we say we want to work with you all the way (we are the full package, aren’t we?). We will happily turn your finished apparel into attractive merchandise ready to be displayed (and of course, purchased!). Our finishing services go from labels, price tickets, bar-codes and stickers to hangers, poly bags and even the most precise professional folding you have ever seen.

So, we have come this far and your finished product is ready. The only logical next thing to do is, well, will get it to you. Wherever you are and, whether it is the one piece of your exclusive design or and entire truck full of all you need, our efficient shipping service will deliver it to you. We thrive on the satisfaction of our business partners and associates when they receive our products, so this kind of is our favorite part of it all. You can know more abort our Shipping Policy here.


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