4 Things You Didn´t Know About Custom T-Shirts Design
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4 Things You Didn´t Know About Custom T-Shirts Design

Sep 15, 2022

Custom T-Shirts Design

In recent years, custom t-shirt design has become a way of expression for hundreds of users who want to do something special. Through their designs, they can show part of their style and, at the same time, share it with people around them.

It has also been known for being one of the most creative tools for branding, although in reality, these are just some of the advantages it can provide. Believe it or not, t-shirt design can bring more positive things to your life, especially if you are a fan of fashion design.

Benefits of designing T-shirts

If you are an entrepreneur, you know how important it is for people to recognize the name of your business at a glance. A custom t-shirt design in the clothing you wear or sell will make it much easier for people to remember you, your brand, and your products.

An original gift

There are many reasons why you can make custom designs; one is to give them as gifts at an event. The client can bring out his most creative side by creating unique designs that a specific group of people will only use.

In addition, for the product to come out as the customer expects it at Factory1, we use DTG digital printing, allowing the fabric to be printed employing inkjet. With the help of this technology, high image quality can be achieved, so the customized design or logo can last a long time.

A variety of styles

Custom t-shirt design offers the perfect opportunity for customers to make their creations. Experimenting with their designs and those that our platform provides increases the possibility that they will find something that suits their style.

We also know that for fashion lovers, it is necessary to have different cuts and printing techniques. With that in mind, at Factory1, we use several printing techniques, including foil printing, glitter printing, and glow-in-the-dark printing.

In addition to printing techniques, we also handle embroidery for custom t-shirts design, as it is often in high demand. A timeless approach characterizes embroidery, so the garment can be worn at any time and still look fashionable; embroidery also provides an elegant touch.

At Factory1, we have a printing system that minimizes errors, so you can be sure that all your products will have the desired quality.

High durability

One of the issues that usually occur in everyday clothes is that they tend to be quickly worn out and therefore it is necessary to change them often. Also, after washing, it is usual that threads come off or lint accumulates quickly due to the quality of the garment.

At Factory1, we handle good quality garments, so you can be sure that you or your customers will be able to wear your designs for a long time. In addition, our printing techniques ensure that the garments can be washed several times without worrying about the designs getting damaged.

So you can focus on custom t-shirt design without worrying about those details. As you can see in Factory1, we want to offer you the best services so you can concentrate on customized t-shirt design and make your dreams come true.

We are backed by more than 20 years of experience delivering high-end products; we handle a professional service. This guarantees that we will provide you with creative solutions on time and within your budget, so you can be sure that this is an excellent opportunity for custom t-shirt design.

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