5 Tips For Logo Shirts For Business
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5 Tips For Logo Shirts For Business

Dec 23, 2022

5 Tips For Logo Shirts For Business

The use of custom uniforms is one of the best positioning strategies that exist today. It makes the employees feel part of the company, and it is also easier for outsiders to identify the company only with the uniform, even without seeing the logo.

A company that invests in logo shirts for business is seen as a mature company, not one that is just starting in the market or has yet to find its corporate identity.

That is why, before ordering customized t-shirts with logos and colors, here are some tips that will be useful when ordering logo shirts for business.

Choose a shirt material that’s comfortable and durable

Before ordering logo shirts for business, choosing the fabric where they will be printed is essential.

The most recommended material for T-shirts is cotton or 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This material offers three main advantages; the first one is that any kind of printing is easier to adhere to this material; the second one is that it is highly comfortable for anyone who wears it since it is flexible and adjustable to any type of body; the third and most important one is that these materials are highly durable even after many washes and years of use.

This can help the company economically since it will avoid the expense of having to make T-shirts so frequently.

Use only a few colors to keep the design simple.

Logo shirts for business will need a good color to make them stand out. Although many companies choose to use a color similar to their logo, it is not always a good idea. Sometimes the color in question may be too informal, unsuitable for a business t-shirt, or simply too difficult to find.

Therefore, there is no reason to be afraid of using alternatives such as black, white, or gray since these colors are excellent options when making logo shirts for business. Black, for example, is one of the most commonly used colors when making a t-shirt, either customized or for business, since it is a color that combines with other colors and makes any design stand out.

This, of course, will also depend on each company, as there are specific colors, such as navy blue or other stronger colors, that can be easily found. The important thing is not to combine all the company’s colors in a single t-shirt or put colors that simply do not fit or belong to the corporate image.

Select a font style that is easy to read and eye-catching

Logo shirts for business will need a font that helps employees and customers to read correctly and quickly the company’s slogan or any type of text to be added.

Sometimes, italics are used, and although this typeface has always shown elegance and subtlety, it can be complicated to read. For this reason, you should select a font that keeps letters the same so that the public finds it easy to read and has the right size to get noticed at first sight.

Use a design that is iconic and memorable.

For logo shirts for business to look professional, a good design must be made so that everything mentioned above is successful. A simple design is usually recommended since choosing an extravagant design may generate visual noise.

There are examples of companies that use simple designs, for example, placing their logo in the central part of the shirt or the upper left part, while in the back, they place the slogan in a way that can be easily seen and read. This does not mean that original designs cannot be made or that changes cannot be made to an already established design; in the end, the most critical thing in this part is that the elements are understandable to the naked eye.

Incorporate your company colors and slogan into the design.

As it has been said, logo shirts for business are essential for the company’s image, and positioning, which is why looking for a place with quality t-shirts and a durable printing system can be complicated. 

In Factory1, this is possible. With more than 20 years of experience, we guarantee your t-shirt design will be exactly as you imagine it, with durability both in the printing press and on the t-shirt, even after several uses. We also offer this type of printing service for sweatshirts, and hoodies, among others. Investing in branded t-shirts is one of the best positioning strategies.

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